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Dole Plantation Maze

Dole Plantation Maze

Called “the world’s largest permanent hedge maze” by the Guinness Book of World Records!

It spans more than three acres, and is laid out in the shape of a big pineapple. Even the colors are accurate! This botanical maze features 2.5 miles of paths and 14,000+ Hawaiian plants.

It’s not easy to find your way around, but you’ll definitely have fun trying! Maze visitors will enjoy trying to find the eight secret checkpoints within the maze where you can collect stencils to show your progress.

Dole Pineapple Garden Maze SignYou can try to have your name added to the “fastest finishers” board at the entrance. Those who achieve record time will also receive a Dole Plantation prize. This surely is a fun event for children.




“Daughter Loved it!”

“It was a fun family time! My 3.5 yr old daughter was our guide and she found our first 4 checkpoints all by herself and she was so excited. I don’t think ive every seen her so happy, and i spoil my kids so that really says something. It did take a long time with her leading so eventually we did the finding but made her feel like she was doing it and it was a blast.”

Visitor from Sacramento, Ca on 9/19/2010


Hint: Bring sunscreen or a parasol! Even though getting mixed up and turned around is part of the fun, it’s best to avoid being overheated or sunburned.

You can reward yourself for finishing the Dole Plantation maze with your choice of pineapple foods at the gift shop, including the famous Dole Whip (a cold, fruity drink), pineapple ice cream, or even a pineapple chili hotdog.

Have a hilarious time getting lost and then found as you visit the Dole Plantation Maze!

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“Very fun”

“This was fun, ànd very challenging. The record is 8 minutes and it took my wife and I 51 minutes. lol However, the hedges are hibiscus plants, so there are flowers everywhere, complete with butterflies and birds, so there is plenty to look at as you get lost. Try to do it as early as possible, as there is no shade in the maze. Or, get some pineapple ice cream to eat while you’re in there.”

By Marcus from Garland, TX on 9/16/2010

Save up to 55% on this attraction and 30+ other Oahu attractions with the Go Oahu Card:

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