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Secret Island Beach at Kualoa Ranch

Secret Island Beach at Kualoa Ranch

A $26.00 value included with your Go Oahu Card.

As if a secluded beach with sweeping views of Kaneohe Bay weren’t enough … At this attraction, you’ll also enjoy three hours of unlimited access to all activities, from kayaking and volleyball to a bus tour of Moli’i Gardens and a canoe ride on a 125-acre fishpond.

Kayaking, canoeing, standup paddling, beach volleyball, beach badminton, ping pong, or a date with a hammock—whatever your beach-day preference, Kualoa Ranch Secret Island Beach will accommodate you! Make the most of the beautiful oceanside scenery on Oahu and your time on a private beach!


Secret Island is a secluded beach with sweeping views of Kaneohe Bay and a Mokolii Island (Chinaman’s Hat). Guests can spend 3-hours there with unlimited use of all facilities and activities on the island including kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle board, swimming, snorkeling, volleyball, ping-pong and other island-style activities.

Kualoa Ranch is a large recreational complex that encompasses some of Oahu’s most beautiful and most-filmed scenery—the land has been used as the film set for such movies as Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, and also saw the filming of a large majority of scenes from the hit television shows Hawaii 5-0 and Lost! The Kualoa Ranch complex also features a historic sugar plantation (once owned by an American missionary who was also a trusted advisor to the King of Hawaii) and a World War II airfield that was used as a training site for the US military, and runway for “Kittyhawk” warplanes, and later was filmed in many war-era blockbuster movies, such as Pearl Harbor. One of Kualoa’s most unique tour offerings is its Secret Island Beach trip, which takes you to a stunning strip of white sand, letting you really unwind and enjoy quality time in the sun as you sit in the midst of Oahu’s beautiful film-worthy scenery!

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Kualoa Ranch Secret Island Beach offers showers and changing stalls to keep you comfortable and clean. Do bring your own towel and swimsuit. Should you forget to bring anything, however, you may purchase beach items at the ranch’s gift shop prior to boarding the bus that will take you to the secluded island. Your tour includes an open air bus ride through Molii Gardens (breathe in the scent of Oahu’s wildflowers!) and a ride on canoe rafts across the ancient Hawaiian fishpond. All activities are included in the admission. You can pack a picnic lunch, enjoy a walk along the white sandy beach, or just relax in your hammock with a good book!

Enjoy the day at your very own secluded island beach, courtesy of Kualoa Ranch!


“Gorgeous Private Island”

Pros: Kayak for 3 hours, Free Stand-up Paddling, Nice family excursion, Private beautiful beach
Cons: Must BYO food drink,
Best Uses: Go in the morning 9am,
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

“This is a part of the Go Card and we were given two Go Cards as gifts. You can only do one of the numerous Ranch events, per Go Card day, with the card. So it’s a good idea to plan and make reservations for more than one event. We went for two reasons: the secret beach (your own private, quiet, beautiful beach for three full hours of free use of kayaks, stand-up paddling, etc.) the jungle and the movie tours. But there’s a lot more to be done. We just didnt have the time. Also, we wish we’d stayed for lunch in their cafeteria after having seen the sign saying all their beef is grass fed.

The secret beach was a hoot just getting there! You take a jeep to a pier and a catamaran to the non-secret side of the beach! They provide floatation vests. There are showers and dressing areas, picnic tables, barbecues (bring your own food and bricks), ping pong table, and shaded areas.

Hints for the secret beach:

1) make a reservation; you pay when you get there. You can easily spend a whole day there, but the secret beach tops off at about 20 people. They had a couple of group events there, too, but they didn’t get in the way, and were only there for a meal.

2) there are two hammocks (bring your own folding chairs or chaise lounges or grab your hammock early) (we placed our stuff on one as soon as we got there; it was smart to do that!). It is safe to leave your things on the shore and play in the water.

3) there’s no food at the beach, so you can either purchase from the ranch’s cafeteria beforehand, or BYO. We packed a small styro box with ice and fruit we purchased at grocery stores along the way. But we forgot to bring it to the secret beach! We regretted that, because there were a couple of group luncheons going on, and it was hard being so close to people cooking and eating and not being able to share!

4) bring your own bottled water. There’s a container there, but we are particular about our water consumption and were glad we’d brought along our filtered H2O.

5) do the morning trip NOT the afternoon. It’s too hot by then, and it’s very nice in the AM anyway, anywhere in Oahu.

6) wear a hat, comfy clothes, bring BOTH insecticide and UV protection.

7) if you are going to kayak, find out if the waves are smooth or not because it is hard to kayak on strong bumpy waves, I assure you.

We did the secret beach because of the great deal it was to ride a kayak for three hours, and we liked the privacy, too. There’s a lot to do at Kualoa Ranch. Get the scoop from the Go Card or the ranch website. I believe they have a luau, too, but we did our luau at Germaine’s as part of the Go Card experience. It’s a very nice drive . If you go around the island (up the west coast and down the east coast), be sure to stop at Giovanni’s shrimp truck on your way back for a full or half meal of shrimp scampi!

4 Stars!”

By Kalakaua Kate, Verified Reviewer from Tucson on 9/30/2011

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Monday 7:30 am – Sunday 6:00 pm
Please note: Last Tour Departs at 3:30 pm. Visitors Center is open until 6:00 pm

New Years Day

Redemption Instructions
Your Go Oahu Card is valid for one Kualoa Tour per card day.

49-560 Kamehameha Hwy
Kaneohe, HI 96744

Driving Directions
Kualoa is just 45 minutes from Waikīkī. Take the H-1 Freeway west to the Likelike Highway, Route #63. Proceed up the Likelike Highway and through the Wilson Tunnel. Descend towards Kaneʻohe town and exit onto Kahekili Highway, Route #83, heading north. Continue along Kahekili Highway – note that the road becomes Kamehameha Highway as you pass the historic “Hygienic Store” in the village of Kahaluʻu. In about 10 minutes you will see signs indicating you are approaching the Kualoa entrance which will be on your left as you round the curve past Mokoliʻi Island (Chinaman’s Hat).

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